Intro to Essential Figma UI UX Design Fundamentals series

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of design with our comprehensive course tailored specifically for those taking their first steps into User Experience (UX) design! Feel the thrill of uncertainty evaporate as we clarify what UX truly is, taking you from zero to hero, starting with the absolute basics.

We’re about to dive into the exhilarating process of defining the brief and getting well-acquainted with UX personas – and that’s just for starters!

Imagine transforming your raw ideas into tangible wireframes with ease. Picture yourself mastering the art of infusing colors and images into your designs, making them not just look good, but feel right.

The incredible journey continues as we uncover the secrets to selecting fonts that make web and mobile apps pop with personality, ensuring every word on the screen counts.

But there’s more – you’ll become a creator, crafting icons, buttons, and UI components that will set your work apart. We’ll demystify the jargon, turning once-intimidating terms like Components, Constraints, & Multi-Dimensional Variants into your everyday design lingo!

We won’t just learn; we’ll supercharge our skills with free, game-changing UI kits & plugins for Figma that’ll send your workflow into hyperdrive.

Feel the pride as you construct a stylish Style Guide, ready to wow any client. Get ready to animate your dreams into reality with captivating micro-interactions, page transitions, and animations that keep users hooked.

By the time we wrap this up, you’ll have crafted fully interactive prototypes that bridge the gap between vision and interaction – a true testament to your newfound prowess.

This journey will take you all the way, offering collaboration opportunities with team members and ensuring you’re professional-ready with the right files to impress your developer or software engineer colleagues.

We’re zooming in on Figma, but fret not – the knowledge gained here transcends tools, equipping you with an iron-clad understanding of UX principles and the confidence to manage your own projects in the wild.

Expect hands-on assignments that will stretch your creativity, refine your skills, and help you construct a stunning portfolio piece that is uniquely yours.

It’s time to ignite your career and become a profound Figma and UX maven.

What Will You Learn?

  • Launching into a UX Design career with the power of Figma!
  • Mastering both essential and intricate aspects of UX and UI within Figma
  • Creating dynamic interactive prototypes that bring ideas to life
  • Developing an intuitive sense for working with UX personas
  • Making “UX Designer” more than a title – but a reality on your resume
  • Building a complete UX project, start to finish, like a pro
  • Getting to grips with client expectations for UX designers
  • Sketching up quick wireframes and evolving them into full-fledged designs
  • Finding harmony in colors and images within your projects
  • Making informed choices for fonts in web and mobile apps
  • Designing bespoke icons, buttons, and UI elements
  • Understanding – and using – professional UX terminology
  • Leveraging Figma’s free UI kits and plugins to amplify your efficiency
  • Piecing together a Style Guide perfect for any client handoff
  • Crafting both basic and complex micro-interactions and animations
  • Learning to design stunning websites and mobile apps
  • Experimenting with type and color for the ultimate user experience
  • Real-world mobile testing to perfect your designs
  • Preparing production-level assets like a seasoned designer
  • Creating compelling UX briefs & personas from scratch
  • Acquiring workflow tricks and shortcuts only known by insiders
  • Joining an empowering forum supported by myself and the amazing BYOL community
  • Absorbing every technique used by UX gurus, with 111 action-packed videos on Figma & UX/UI Design

Course Requirements or Prerequisites

  • Access to Figma, readily available for free.
  • No prior experience in UX/UI design? No problem!
  • Forget having any previous Figma skills; this is your starting line.
  • Design novices welcome – no experience necessary.

Who Is This Course For?

  • If you’re keen to introduce Figma into your professional life and be rewarded for your design expertise, this is for you.
  • Beginners, newcomers, and enthusiasts in the UX domain – come one, come all!
  • Those eager to explore the fascinating realm of design and user experience.
  • Anyone itching to add ‘UX Design’ in a shiny font to their portfolio.
  • Future masters of UI & UX Design essentials – your journey begins now!